Hi, I am Denise Trigo.

I always find a challenge to talk about myself. But here we go. Who am I? I am a wife, a mother, a photographer, a lover of sports, the list could go on. You really want to know about my photography though.

I have been interested in Photography all of my life. I would take my mom's Polaroid to sneak photos of my sister when I was only 4. As I grew up I wanted to be a sports Photographer and work for the Phillies....I will say that I did eventually intern for the Phillies, but not for Photography. I studied Photography in both High School and College and practiced a lot on my two boys. That is them in the photo, although they have grown a lot since then.

When my oldest was born in 2006 I started photographing him whenever I can. Eventually some co-workers asked me to photograph their children. This eventually led to me staring my business in 2008. Since then I have photographed weddings, events, newborns, families, sports etc.

My goal is to hang out with you while I capture those little moments with my subjects. You know those moments! I try to give a laid back atmosphere to really find the true personality of my subject. That is what I can offer you.